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Mindset First Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

In today's episode of the Mindset First Podcast, I invited Daniel Lamb, who is the owner of a micro agency called Holland Creative that focuses on creating turnkey, done for you, funnels for coaches and course creators to sit down and talk to me a little bit about how he went from an underpaid waiter to making over $20,000 a month in his business.

As he shares, it wasn't a short trip. It took him four years to get to where he is today. Daniel and I talk a lot about some of the mindset shifts he's made and what it means to be curious in your business. He's pretty open about how he's dealt with his mindset challenges and what it means for you to start to think about sales differently and how you can grow your business.

I hope you'll get a lot out of this episode and take some time to tune in.